Gala-lujah! Sea lion arrives at Woburn Safari Park

Keepers had plenty of reason to celebrate last week, as Gala the California Sea Lion arrived at Woburn Safari Park from Banham Zoo. The 20 year old female sea lion has wasted no time getting to know her new friends, half-sister sea lion duo Kira and Leoni.

Gala Meets Her New Friends Kira and Leoni

Keepers have noted that the sea lions’ first introductions went ‘swimmingly’ and Gala has quickly become a firm favorite among the Foot Safari keepers. Despite being a little cautious of her new friends at first, she has reportedly been coming out of her shell more and more each day since her arrival.

So much in fact, keepers could be seen training all three sea lions together for the first time at Sea Lion Beach just a few days after Gala’s initial arrival. She was particularly keen to show off her flippers and impressive dives during the feed, much to the delight of visitors who spotted her for the first time.


The Smallest (and Loudest!) Sea Lion on the Beach...

Gala is easy to distinguish from other sea lions Kira and Leoni, as she has a distinctive slender snout and smaller frame. She has already been making her personality known to others and keepers have noted she is particularly vocal and loves to ‘bark’.


Acting Deputy Head of Animal Encounters, Stacey Barker told us ‘We have noticed that one of Gala’s favourite things to do is to bask in the water with her flippers high up in the air! She has quickly made herself right at home here at the Park.’

Spot Gala On Your Next Visit!

Spot Gala along with other sea lions Kira and Leoni during one of our informative keeper demonstrations down at Sea Lion Beach, or in our indoor cinema at Sea Lion Cove (extra charges apply) within the Foot Safari. Click here to view timetables.