The newest bear cub has been named!

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The newest North American black bear cub at Woburn Safari Park has been named...Denver!

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In keeping with the naming tradition for the bears at the Park, the cub has been given a name with American roots, to tie in with the bears’ wild origins in the USA.

Denver is still yet to be sexed, as keepers at Woburn Safari Park operate a hands-off approach to the animals. Not knowing whether the new arrival is male or female influenced their decision to give the youngster a gender-neutral name.

Alisha Cox, Carnivore Keeper, said: "The whole team is delighted to see Denver growing into a confident young bear, but also to see Indiana settling into her role as a mother after being a bit uncertain to begin with.

Everyone in the team put forward name suggestions for Indi's cub and after a discussion, we decided on Denver, which means ‘green valley’. It’s the perfect name for either a boy or a girl, and, as the capital of Colorado, fits our tradition of American-themed names perfectly.  

We are all really excited to watch Denver grow and flourish, just as last year’s cubs Georgia and Koda have."

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Get to know Denver the bear cub

Born to mother Indiana and father Xanthos in February 2021, Denver has been described by keepers as a small but confident, playful, and independent cub.

Like many first-time mothers, Indiana (affectionately known as Indi by the keepers) is still finding her feet in her new role. However, keepers are happy to see the cub growing in strength and to see Indiana's confidence increasing by the day.

Indi and Denver are currently living in an enclosed half-acre pen so that they can spend time quietly bonding, undisturbed by the other bears.

Although Denver is still dependent on Indi, the cub has started to nibble on food and has taken a particular liking to melon.

The little adventurer can often be seen clambering up onto the large logs in their enclosure to have a nosey at the other bears and visitors, and regularly enjoys a little daytime snooze too.

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See the bears at Woburn Safari Park

Woburn Safari Park is home to eight North American black bears, including the most recent arrival.

Indiana and her young cub are currently living in a secluded pen. The other six bears are still able to roam within their large 13-acre drive-through reserve in the Kingdom of the Carnivores section of the Road Safari.

The bears love to show off their climbing skills, so make sure you look up as you drive through their home! You never know who you might see peering down at you from the trees…