Adopt the lions

Adopt the lions at Woburn Safari Park


Do you know a big cat fan? You can now adopt the 10-strong African lion pride at the Park! The perfect gift for any lion lover, your adoption will be valid for 12 months and includes a flexible gift ticket too.

Plus, your adoption supports the lions living at Woburn Safari Park. 

The safari park is home to ten lions; five young males Kahari, Kojo, Hasani, Iniko, and Zulu, as well as females Dakota, Abi, Tallulah, Zuri, and Amara.

Adopt the lions Adoption Terms & Conditions

What's included in your lion adoption? 

Your Woburn Safari Park lion adoption pack will include:

- A personalised adoption certificate in your name, or in the name of your gift recipient
- An admission ticket for one person which includes access to the Road Safari, Foot Safari and free Leisure Activities
- A selection of goodies
- A 5" cuddly toy lion

How much is a lion adoption?

  • Each standard Animal Adoption costs £44.99. 

These prices include VAT and are a one-off payment.

Adopt the lions


African lions are large big cats, second only in size to the Amur tiger.

They are social animals and are the only big cats that live in groups, which is known as a pride.

Sadly today it is believed that there are only half as many African lions in the wild as there were 25 years ago, with it estimated that there are fewer than 25,000 lions remaining in Africa.

Animal Adoption Questions

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  • Each standard Animal Adoption costs £44.99. 

These prices includes VAT and is a one off payment.


Your Woburn Safari Park animal adoption pack will include:

- A personal adoption certificate 
- One admission ticket for Woburn Safari Park
- A selection of goodies
- A soft cuddly toy of your adopted animal



Yes! If you would like to purchase more than one adoption pack, please purchase each one individually. 



We can send the pack to you directly, or to the person to whom you are gifting it. You must supply a postal address (to do this, click on the link in your purchase confirmation email to supply this) in order for Woburn Safari Park to despatch your Adoption pack. 

You can also email us at if you have any issues wtih this process. 

A postage charge of £2.95 (Royal Mail small parcel 2nd class) has been incorporated into the cost of the Adoption pack. 

Postage times may take up to 5 working days for your pack to arrive.
Please allow enough time for your animal adoption pack to arrive if you're ordering it as a gift.



When you adopt an animal at Woburn Safari Park, you are adopting the entire group of animals resident at the park, rather than an individual named animal. This is because Woburn Safari Park is part of an international endangered species breeding programme where individual animals may be required to move to another zoo or safari park. 



No, when you adopt the animals at Woburn Safari Park you join a group of other fantastic supporters who have also chosen to adopt the animals living at the Park.



Your adoption will begin on the date of purchase. Your one-person admission ticket will be valid for a single visit within one year from purchase.



All of Animal Adoptions are a one off payment and once you complete the payment online, you'll receive a confirmation email with your receipt. 

The email will also contain your transaction reference and a link so you can provide the address of where to send the Animal Adoption Gift pack. 

Your payment covers the cost of the admission ticket or annual pass, branded goodies, cuddly toy, printed certificate, postage and packing. The remainder goes towards the upkeep of the animals living at the park. 


All of the animals living at the park are given access to their respective paddocks and drive-through reserves throughout the day, subject to health and safety considerations. The animals living in the Road Safari at Woburn are given the freedom to live as freely as they would in the wild, roaming and grazing in large grassland and woodland reserves. 

On rare occasions an enclosure may need to be closed for essential maintenance, so unfortunately for these reasons we cannot guarantee that you will be able to see your adopted animal when you visit.

In rainy weather, all animals at the Park have access to shelters that they can use at any time throughout the day (visible on the Road Safari route). In the case of fog, the Road Safari will not open for safety reasons, please always check the weather forecast before your visit. 


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