Young girl feeds giraffe a branch on high platform inside giraffe house


Giraffe bends down to eat branch from hand out of safari truck window

Meet the giraffe herd
face to face

A 30 minute guided tour to meet the herd of majestic Rothschild's giraffe face-to-face either in their house or from a VIP Land Rover.

This unforgettable VIP experience with the tallest animals at the Park gives you the memorable chance to learn all about this Near Threatened species and feed them some leaves. 

Two giraffes approach safari VIP vehicle in road safari

Your Giraffe Experience includes:

  • A 30 minute experience with the endangered Rothschild's giraffe herd
  • Admission to Woburn Safari Park on the day of your visit from opening time
  • A FREE guidebook
Cold weather Giraffe Encounter

During the colder months (October to April), this VIP Up Close Encounter takes you on an exciting visit behind-the-scenes, into the giraffe house.

You will be taken by your experienced tour guide to a specially designed viewing platform where you will meet the giraffe at eye level and be able to feed the giraffe a little treat.

Warm Weather Giraffe Encounter

As the weather warms up (generally from around April to October) the giraffe herd will be out roaming in their nine-acre parkland reserves.

During these months, this VIP experience will include a trip in a VIP Land Rover to enjoy a tour of Giraffe Junction alongside these majestic creatures. You will also have the opportunity to offer the herd a tasty treat

On exceptionally wet days, this reverts to the below cold weather option. 

Availability and Restrictions

  • Bookings are subject to availability for dates during the year
  • Your experience will be in the brand new giraffe house on colder days, or in the VIP Land Rover on warmer days when the giraffe herd are outside - this is entirely weather dependant and cannot be guaranteed in advance when the weather is changeable
  • The giraffe house tour (during colder months) is suitable for children aged 5+ years only (under 5's can enter the house, but not go up to the upper platform, or feed the giraffes). Under 5's are not allowed to feed the giraffe (due to the strength of the animals), but can accompany on the Land Rover experience.
  • Under 16's must be accompanied by a parent or guardian
  • Children under 12 will be provided with a booster seat to ensure secure travel in our Land Rovers
  • All prices shown include VAT.
Giraffe reaches up to eat leaves
Young girl feeds giraffe a branch on high platform inside giraffe house
Giraffe looks up at camera from above inside giraffe house