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Dusky Lory


Come and visit Woburn Safari Park’s Rainbow Landing walkthrough in the Foot Safari, enjoy seeing these colourful and exotic birds landing on you and free flying above your heads. They live here alongside the coconut lorikeets.

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All about us

Distribution: Papua New Guinea, including Salawati and Yapen Island in Geelvink Bay.
Habitat: Rainforests. On occasion, they visit savannah's and coconut plantations.
Height: Length 25 cm
Weight: 140-190g
Lifespan: 28 - 32 years
Threats: Birds are routinely persecuted as crop pests.

About us

Scientific name: Pseudeos fuscata

Dusky lories are usually observed in pairs or small flocks, but large noisy groups of over 50 birds are not uncommon, sometimes in company with rainbow lorikeets. They usually prefer to feed in tree canopies rather than the ground and will travel vast distances to find food. 

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Dusky Lory facts

The differences between Lories and Lorikeets are the tails. In general, Lories are bigger with tails that are short and rounded. Lorikeets tend to be smaller with longer, pointed tails.
The Dusky Lory can be found up to 2400m (7872 ft.) in habitats ranging from lowlands and hills to 1500m (4920 ft.) up to mountain areas.
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