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Filming Assessment Form

Professional, commercial and broadcast filming at Woburn Safari Park

If you are considering Woburn Safari Park as a filming location please complete the form below

Please consider the following when applying to film at Woburn Safari Park:


  • Explicit written permission from His Grace the Duke of Bedford or the Woburn Safari Park Marketing Department must be given prior to the commencement of filming.
  • Minimum three weeks’ notice for filming applications is recommended.
  • Only in exceptional circumstances will request with less than three weeks’ notice be considered.


  • A reconnaissance of the proposed location is insisted upon and should be planned at least two weeks in advance of the filming date at a mutually agreed time.


  • Research work for additional information or to validate historical or animal information accuracy may be requested of the Animal Department and the Archive Department but is not always possible. An
    An additional fee may be charged for work undertaken.


  • Prior to agreement, Woburn Safari Park must be supplied with the proposed filming schedule. Their Graces and the management of Woburn Safari Park have final authorisation on all proposed activities.


  • Public liability insurance cover for £20 million is required for all filming at Woburn Safari Park, this is non-negotiable. A copy of the certificate will be requested.
  • For any lighting equipment, there is an increased fire risk. Therefore information as to additional fire protections that will be in place will be required. This would normally be addressed in a risk assessment
    report and this must supplied to our Insurers.
  • Irrespective of equipment used, no filming can occur without our insurers approving your risk assessment


  • A location fee may be applicable. In addition there may be a charge for any additional resources needed to accommodate the filming activities.


  • If the location of the filming is not referenced during the broadcast, then a credit line will be required: Filmed at Woburn Safari Park by kind permission of His Grace the Duke of Bedford and the Trustees of
    the Bedford Estates. Not required for adverts.


  • Woburn Safari Park would request the right to reference that filming took place at Woburn Safari Park and to photograph the filming taking place and/or request press photographs to be supplied. This may
    then be used in a press release, on the Woburn website, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages, within the literature and/or member newsletters.
  • All references to the filming would be with the production company’s approval prior to publication.


  • The wellbeing and safety of our animals, staff and visitors is paramount, there will be restrictions on what are reasonable, acceptable and safe activities. Each request is reviewed individually and activities
    agreed prior to the filming. The management’s decision is final.
  • Woburn Safari Park will not coerce its animals to partake in any activities.
  • At the time of filming instructions issued by Woburn Safari Park staff are to be followed at all times.
  • Woburn Safari Park reserve the right to terminate all activities immediately and discontinue the filming at
    any time if, in their opinion:
    • Film crew personnel are not following their instructions
    • The activities or film crew personnel are unreasonable, unsafe or a potential threat to the
      wellbeing or safety of the animals, staff, visitors or themselves.
    • The activities are not as per the schedule of filming already agreed


  • Please note our opening times and the likelihood of visitors in attendance in all public areas. It will be necessary for you to acquire consent via image release forms for any visitors or staff included in the
  • In exceptional circumstances, we may be able to accommodate ‘behind the scenes’ or allow ‘out of hours’ filming.
  • On event days and special occasions filming may not be possible.
  • Woburn Safari Park reserve the right to terminate all activities immediately and discontinue the filming at
    any time if, in their opinion:
    • The activities or film crew cause offence, or have the potential to cause offence, to our visitors or
    • The activities or film crew have a detrimental effect on, or have the potential to be detrimental
      to, the Woburn Safari Park brand
    • It is the responsibility of the film crew to use image release forms for any people who are not
      part their group whom may appear in any imagery/footage.

Access will only be allowed as directed by a member of Woburn Safari Park staff. If access is required to non-public areas this must be requested and approved prior to the filming. Personnel will be accompanied by a member of Woburn Safari Park staff at all times whilst on site.

Filming Location Request Form

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