Second tiger cub named...

Rare Amur tiger cubs' names announced...

Two rare and critically endangered Amur tiger cubs, recently born at Woburn Safari Park, have been named thanks to two separate competitions asking the public to send in their suggestions.

After announcing the first cub's name yesterday, we can reveal that the second Amur tiger cub has been named MISHKA!

Mishka means 'little bear' in Russian and was suggested by Jessica Murray through the competition Woburn Safari Park ran on the website. 

Mishka can be distinguished from her sibling by the markings above her eyes. Keepers have noted that Mishka's markings fall in the shape of ying yangs! Can you tell them apart below?

Tiger Cub Siblings At Wsp

Tomorrow, we'll be putting together a handy guide to telling them apart on your visit this half term and what you can expect to see them doing.