Woburn Safari Park Ticket FAQ

What visit dates are available?

Tickets are on sale for visit dates up to 8th November. They can be bought online here and are strictly limited, which means most popular sessions do sell out quickly.  Please select a session time to arrive at the park, you will then be able to stay at the park until closing time.

Only customers with a ticket will gain entry to the park gates. Please make sure you have purchased the correct visit date, as regretfully if you arrive with the wrong date, you will not be admitted to the park.

What tickets are available?

All tickets are per person and remain discounted (as compared to the original prices for 2020): 

- Single day admission for Adult and Child tickets

- For disabled and carer tickets are for one disabled individual AND one carer, please see below for more details

- Annual Pass holders, please see below for details. New Annual Passes are not currently available.

- Tesco Clubcard tickets, Blue Peter and police discounted tickets are not currently available. If you already have tickets you haven't yet used, see below.  

Are there any vehicle restrictions?

Cabriolet and soft top convertible cars will NOT be allowed access into the Kingdom of Carnivores or African Forest for safety reasons.

There is no height or weight restriction on for vehicles entering the park, we often welcome double decker buses and coaches. 

We don't allow drivers to enter the park, if they are driving an open backed vehicle (eg. open pickup cab) that has loose items or building materials in the back. These can be removed by the animals are have the potential to be harmful to the animals in the park. 

Why can't I see the date I want?

Tickets are selling out quickly for some popular dates, and especially for Friday, Saturday and Sunday each week. If you don't see the arrival time session you want, then it has most likely sold out. 

Entry for Annual Pass holders

New Annual Pass tickets are not curently for sale.

Existing Annual Pass holders can book a FREE admission ticket on the ticket booking site and must do this in advance, in order to enter the park. You only need ONE ticket for ALL the annual pass holders in your vehicle

Please use the email address you used when you purchased your Annual Pass - either register for an online account (or log in if you have purchased tickets online before) to create an online account. 

Once you are logged in, hit refresh and you should see the ticket category 'Safari Park Free Annual Pass Ticket'. These tickets should be 'purchased' and you checkout but without paying.

Please show your valid annual pass on arrival to validate your ticket on arrival at the park.


The login / register buttons are top right on desktop screens, or on a mobile if you can't see them, turn your screen to landscape. 

If you book a session, but can't make it, please let us know by email on info@woburnsafari.co.uk so we can cancel your booking and make it available for someone else. 

You'll be asked to 'Pay Securely Now' but the checkout won't require any payment or card details.


All annual passes have been extended by 90 days:

If your pass expired after the 15th June 2020 you will gain an extra 90 days extension. For anyone who's pass expired during between 23rd March and 15th June, you'll receive an extension of 90 days from the 15th June.


You can bring up to 6 guests in your vehicle with you, these are charged at £18.99 per adult and £15.49 per children on arrival, via contactless card payment.

Can I buy disabled/carer tickets?

If you are registered as disabled, please buy your tickets online. 

Tickets are valid for one disabled AND one carer for £23.99 for two people on one ticket. If you require an additional carer and have supporting documentation you can provide, you can pay £11.99 for this ticket.

Proof of disability accepted by the park includes the blue badge, DLA or PIP letter, NHS diagnosis letter, or letter from a registered care home. 

Please do not ask staff to make a judgement by any other means, this is unfair to staff and they will politely refuse to make any discrimination or judgement without the specified documentation.

I already have tickets I haven't used 

Good news - if you have already got tickets you weren't able to use, you can still book a visit. Email us your visit date to be added to the admissions list info@woburnsafari.co.uk.

Please note:

- Numbers are strictly limited, each date will be first come, first served.

- You will receive a confirmation email to confirm your visit date. Your tickets will not be valid to use until you receive your confirmation email. If you arrive at the park without having received confirmation of your booking, you may be refused entry.  

- Unused All Inclusive tickets will only be eligible for admission to the Road Safari, and will not receive any other benefits at this time. Alternatively, you can wait and use these tickets until November 2020, or request a refund on these tickets via info@woburnsafari.co.uk and purchase new tickets as per above options. 

- Unused Tesco Clubcard tickets (already redeemed your clubcard points for a Safari Park coupon and booked admission tickets, but not yet used at the park) these bookings can be rescheduled for a new date. Please follow the process outlined above and email us your visit date to book your admission with this ticket.

What's included?

The Road Safari at Woburn Safari Park is an adventure through 300 acres of beautiful parkland with amazing wildlife, taking you up close to some of the most beautiful and endangered animals on the planet including elephants, lions, tigers, rhinos, bears, giraffes, monkeys and much, much more! 

Customers can repeat the Road Safari circuit as many times as they wish and patrol vehicles will be situated throughout the drive-through to help guide people to the re-entry or the exit.

Click here to see which selected open air enclosures are open in the Foot Safari

Swan Boats will be open as normal, although we expect to see higher than average numbers of people queuing. Please remember to respect social distancing throughout your visit! 

Is the Mammoth Play Ark open?

The Mammoth Play Ark is now open, with all new COVID secure precautions in place.

Places are limited to maintain social distancing and meet government guidelines, so booking is essential and you'll have 20 minutes of playtime. Tickets are only valid when purchased along with an admission ticket for the same date. 

A nominal ticket fee of £2 per child is payable to ensure visitors commit to their booking and to ensure the venue does not exceed the capacity limit (set by government guidelines). 

There is more information on the COVID secure precautions and on booking tickets here.

My payment won't go through

If you are paying with a Nationwide card, we are in the process of trying to resolve an issue with payments being declined by Nationwide. We are waiting for the technical team at Nationwide Bank PLC to investigate why they decline some card transactions. It would appear that the 3DS security authentication (new standard in security used to verify purchases) is causing an error in the process and they decline the payment, regardless of funds in the account.

If you aren't able to use an alternative bank or credit card please contact us on 01525 290407 or by email on info@woburnsafari.co.uk

Do I have to wear a face covering?

Read the full face covering policy for more details on our safety and precautions page. You MUST wear a face covering inside any indoor area of the park, including toilets, Rainbow Landing, Sea Lion Cove and all restaurants or cafes. 

We strongly advise you bring your own face covering, as there is only limited supply available to purchase in the gift shop.

Terms and conditions



'Rule of Six' for Ticket Bookings

From Monday 14th September, the “rule of six” will be introduced in England which means that people will not be able to meet-up in groups of more than six people, unless they live in one household (or in a support bubble) of more than six people. Two households can still meet up, but not if they make a group of more than six people.

When booking tickets, please bear in mind that this is a legal requirement and groups of six of more people gathering at the park are not permitted, unless proof is provided to show you are from one household (or support bubble). By purchasing a ticket, you are agreeing to our terms and conditions, which includes agreement to this legal requirement.


Woburn Safari Park is taking every necessary precaution to safeguard the health and wellbeing of staff, visitors and animals, and can assure visitors of the following precautions will be in place when we re-open:

  • Every car (containing paying customers, exclusions apply, subject to terms and availability) will be given a 100ml hand sanitiser to use during their visit, this kills 99.99% of all bacteria, germs AND viruses. 

  • Entry to the park with be through our Ridgmont Gate entrance (Sat Nav MK43 0TU), a patrol driver will be at the gate to ensure only Woburn Safari Park visitors with a booking are allowed entry. 

  • Visitors are only able to enter the park, travelling in your own vehicle, as you are able to self-isolate within your car or in the wide open spaces of the Foot Safari, thus maintaining social distancing, as per Government guidelines.

  • The lead driver or visitor in each car will be asked to read a notice and confirm they have no symptoms of Covid-19 before they enter the park. 

  • Tickets are only available to purchase online to reduce all unnecessary contact with our cashiers.

  • Tickets are strictly limited to maintain safe volumes of cars in the Road Safari and the number of people in the Foot Safari, or using toilet facilities.

  • Foot Safari and Leisure Area walkways have been closed where too narrow, or changed to a one-way system, and marked for social distancing as appropriate.

  • Face covering policy in place throughout indoor areas at the park, including the Mammoth Play Ark, Safari Restaurant, Rainbow Landing and Junglies Gift Shop.


By doing all of the above, we hope that you will have confidence to visit the Park, in the knowledge that we are doing all we can to create a safe and enjoyable place to visit.

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