Great Brick Safari trail for Schools

1,000,000 bricks for one great brick safari

From the 15th June to the 14th July, the park will be calling on budding students to take a fascinating tour of the Great Brick Safari, featuring over 30 life sized LEGO® brick animals that have moved into the Foot Safari.

After enjoying an amazing adventure to see magnificent lions, tigers, monkeys, giraffes and rhinos, children can explore the Foot Safari for an expedition that will have them learning about all the species featured as LEGO® brick models - ALL included in your ticket price.

Great Brick Safari - Hyena

Amongst the impressive LEGO® brick sculptures are an entire pride of lionsa roaring tiger and a 1.2 ton elephant that took 1,600 hours to create from a whopping 271,739 LEGO® bricks!

Children can leap into the brick pit and make their own creations, and complete the mystery clues on the FREE trail sheet, with special VIP prizes to be won. 

There's never been a better time to book!

Educational facilities now include an Outdoor Classroom, for al fresco learning alongside the animals of the Road Safari. 

Teachers can also extend learning with a FREE classroom session, led by the Park's knowledgable educational team, all of which are linked to current curriculum requirements. 

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