Capybara Pup Competition Winner

Meet Emilio 

January saw the birth of three adorable capybara pups to mother, Mavis.

The litter is made up of two males and one female, with one male given his name in a special competition.

There were so many great suggestions, however Lynsey Syme has been announced as the winner and the new name of the little pup is ... Emilio!  

Capybara Pups born at Woburn Safari Park

The name was selected by the keepers who look after the capybaras and they loved all of your name suggestions so a big thank you to everyone who entered the competition.

The lucky winner and three of her guests will enjoy a fantastic Up Close Encounter to meet the capybara, meeting the meerkats, lemurs and penguins at Woburn Safari Park, as well as full access to the Road Safari and Foot Safari during the date of the visit.

Mavis has taken motherhood in her stride, and she and her pups will be delighted to meet you at Capybara Caves in Animal Encounters

(Please note. If we receive multiples of a winning name, the winner is picked at random from all the entries received)