Birthday Party Animal Experiences

Make your children's birthday party at Woburn Safari Park ROARsome, with an animal experience to see some of the Park's residents up close.

With something to suit all ages, our experiences below are guaranteed to make any birthday party a memorable one. Choose from one of the following options:


Farmyard Friends Experience (suitable for ages 3-7)
£39.99 for up to 8 children
£3.99 per extra child.

When all they want for their birthday is a pony, this special VIP encounter down at Farmyard Friends is the next best thing. Choose from spending time brushing and feeding the ponies and donkeys, giving the pig a mudpack and afternoon snack, or grooming the goats. This 20-minute experience will be the icing on the birthday cake for your little animal lovers party.


Reptile Experience (suitable for ages 5 and up)
£49.99 for up to 8 children
£4.99 per extra child

In the comfortable surroundings of your own private venue, enjoy an up close encounter with one of the reptiles. After lunch, your host will escort you to our indoor learning centre where your party will receive a 20-minute VIP encounter with one of the reptiles living in The Dissscovery Zone. The birthday girl/boy will have the opportunity to hold the animal and all of their friends are welcome to have a feel... if they are brave enough!


Meerkat Experience (suitable for ages 8 and up)
£69.99 for up to 8 children
£6.99 per extra child

After lunch, it’s time to get creative as the mob of meerkats are waiting to meet you, but don’t go empty handed! Help the keepers make some toys to give to the meerkats. During this 45-minute experience, you will help the keeper make some enrichment for the meerkats, before taking it into the enclosure yourselves and watching them play.


For more information on any of the experiences above or to book, please telephone 01525 290406 or email