Old Bedford has a Zoo

Session Outline

Based on the children’s nursery rhyme ‘Old Macdonald had a Farm’, the session will look at different features and characteristics of animals kept at the Safari Park.

Children will think about what animals they have seen at the park and what is special about them.

This can include animal behaviours, where they live, and what they eat. The children will give an action/noise for each animal and include this in the song.


  • Understand basic needs for animals, such as habitats and food

  • Understand basic behaviours of animals

Curriculum Links

Communication and language (EYFS) 

  • Listening and attention; understanding; speaking

Physical development (EYFS) 

  • Moving and handling

Understanding the world (EYFS)

  • The world

Expressive arts and design (EYFS)

  • Being imaginative