First Primate Charity Weekend a huge success

Over the weekend of 6th-9th April, the keepers at the Park hosted their first West African charity weekend to support the West African Primate Conservation Action (WAPCA).

This charity event followed the devastating fire that broke out in the African Forest enclosure earlier this year, leading to the sad loss of 13 Patas monkeys. The team set up monkey-themed activities as well as mini-VIP experiences giving visitors the opportunity to see some of Woburn’s magnificent animals up close.

This charity event helped Reserve keepers raise £2,936.69, which will be donated to WAPCA, who work to protect seriously threatened primate species in the West African upper Guinean rainforest. Donations will be used to build new homes for some of their longest residents. The charity believe all their animals deserve the highest standard of care and wish to replicate their natural habitat as much as possible. This includes expanding their current enclosures for more height and providing more natural vegetation for foraging and climbing.

Andrea Dempsey, Country coordinator for WAPCA, said: “WAPCA wishes to thank all those at Woburn Safari Park, visitors and staff alike who raised such an incredibly amount of money for WAPCA. We will be using this donation to refurbish the enclosures at its Endangered Primate Breeding Centre (EPBC). The EPBC opened in its current location in 2008 but due to the harsh African sun and the energetic nature of the primates, it is in need of a full make-over! Many of the founding primates at the EPBC were victims of the bush or pet trade who, after rehabilitation, were placed in social groups where they have learned how to be monkeys again and now have families of their own."

You can read more on WAPCA here