Come Face to Face with Africa’s Disappearing ‘Mega Herbivores’

Protecting the rhino from extinction

With protecting animals from hunting, poaching and the effects of climate change high on the agenda, Woburn Safari Park offers visitors the rare opportunity to come face to face with Africa’s fast disappearing ‘mega herbivores’, the Southern White rhino, and learn about the vital conservation activity being undertaken to save them. 

During these incredible activities, visitors will learn about the animals’ behaviour, welfare, diet, breeding and the leading conservation activity being carried out at the Park and supported in the wild to ensure their welfare and help save these species from extinction. By speaking with a ranger and meeting the animals, visitors can better understand their plight in the wild as the experience becomes personal, real and relevant. It costs from just £79 for up to four people and includes entry to the Road Safari and Foot Safari, a guidebook and an experience certificate.

Rhino Herd At Wsp

Woburn Safari Park is a leading conservation centre in Europe and works closely with the European Endangered Species Programme (EEP) on vital breeding programmes at the Park in case introductions into the wild become necessary to ensure their survival. The Southern White rhino's populations have significantly declined as a result of poaching and habitat loss. Since 2013 over 3,206 Southern White rhinos have been poached in South Africa alone.  

Woburn Safari Park has contributed significant funding to projects including Save the Rhino’s Dog Squad Appeal, an initiative that trains dogs for anti-poaching work, 

There are four threatened Southern White rhinos important to the captive breeding programme at the Park, which live in a state-of-the-art rhino house and spacious 40 acre reserve. These facilities allow keepers to create unique social and environmental conditions similar to those found in the wild to ensure future breeding and a space where multiple animals can live and socialise.  

This year, the rhino keepers will be holding a special charity weekend from 30th April to 2nd May to raise money for Save The Rhino International.