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Joel Warren And Cassandra Findley Get Engaged In The Giraffe House At Woburn Safari Park

Giraffes stick their necks out to get involved with proposal

When visitor Joel Warren arrived at Woburn Safari Park on the 12th October 2019, his partner Cassandra Findley thought she was simply being treated to a fun day out. Little did she know that Joel was about to propose to her.

Two Lion Cubs Together At Woburn Safari Park

Have you been to see the lion cubs?

Joco and Zuri’s lion cubs recently had their first health check, during which they were both confirmed to be males!

Tarli the Elephant Calf enjoys her Fifth Birthday at Woburn Safari Park in Bedfordshire

Asian elephant Tarli celebrates her 5th birthday

Birthday girl Tarli, the adorable Asian elephant calf, celebrated her 5th birthday on Tuesday.

Joco and Zuri's lion cubs

Lion cubs enjoy their first day outside

The African lion cubs, born to Zuri and Joco, had their vaccinations last week and enjoyed exploring outside for the first time.

Bowie The Bongo Joins The Herd

Eastern mountain bongo Bowie joins the herd

Earlier this year Bowie, an Eastern mountain bongo, arrived at Woburn Safari Park from Belgium. Having fully settled into life at the park, and after being introduced to the females, Bowie is now living happily among the herd in the African Forest.

African Lioness Zuri at Woburn Safari Park

Safari spotlight: Meet African lioness Zuri

African lioness Zuri recently gave birth to two lion cubs at Woburn Safari Park. As her cubs are currently taking up the limelight, we thought we would shine the spotlight back on their mother.

Oryx Running

More beautiful baby animals born at Woburn Safari Park

The summer baby boom has continued at Woburn Safari Park, with new arrivals popping up all across the safari.

African Lion Cubs Born At Woburn Safari Park Get Their First Teeth

African lion cubs get their first teeth

The two African lion cubs born to Joco and Zuri in July have started to get their first teeth and have had their first taste of meat.

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