The animals have been treated with heart-shaped gifts for Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and love is definitely in the air at Woburn Safari Park this year.

From black and white ruffed lemurs, Tangle and Tulum, to red panda pair Sanka and Mali – the Park’s animals have been enjoying some heart-shaped enrichment in the run up to Valentine’s Day.

 “I ruff you”

Tangle And Tulum Treated To Heart Shaped Enrichment At Woburn Safari Park

Black and white ruffed lemurs Tangle and Tulum were quick to check out the heart-shaped gift left for them by their keepers this week.

Keepers hung the heart up in Land of Lemurs and concealed food inside it, making this both a physical and a food-based form of enrichment that this pair were keen to get involved with.

“Pawsitively wonderful”

Red Panda Sanka With Heart Enrichment For Valentines Day

Sanka and Mali are the Park’s resident endangered red pandas.

Since Sanka's arrival early last year, the couple have been bonding with one another and keepers are hopeful that the pitter patter of little paws might be heard from within their home in Himalayan Heights soon.

To celebrate this blossoming relationship, keepers treated them to their own heart-shaped enrichment activity, complete with a bouquet of bamboo leaves, which Sanka was quick to investigate.

"Hogs and kisses”

Kunekune Pigs At Wsp

Wellington the Kune Kune pig may have only recently moved to the Park but he and sow, Oscar, seem to be blossoming a friendship already.

Although still in the early stages of their new relationship, they took a few minutes out to bond over their heart-shaped gift earlier this week.