Names chosen for the Squirrel Monkey babies

Three adorable squirrel monkey babies have joined the troop down in Monkey Business and the dedicated team of keepers enlisted the public's help naming them. 

The Animal Encounters team have chosen their three favourite names  from all the excellent suggestions and picked these winners after receiving plenty of great names. 

Squirrel monkeys originate from South America so keepers asked for South American-themed names for the new additions. There were plenty that didn't fit the theme, and some really great options to choose from.

The winners are... 

Mum Tye's baby has been named Willow by winner Claire Inns 

Bamboo's baby has been named Acorn by winner Leanne Ross

...and Ringo's baby has been named Pablo by winner Eliska Tothova 

Congratulations to all the winners, who'll each receive a prize of a one hour Up Close Encounter VIP Experience with an animal of their choice (from list of options), plus the chance to visit the squirrel monkey troop. 

Visit the troop

Visitors to the park will soon be able to see the squirrel monkeys in their updated enclosure, which is due to open before Easter and will showcase an fantastic new environment, including a creative new climbing frame designed and installed by the innovative crew from 'Team Building With Bite'.