Lion pride to benefit from large expansion to their home

The lion pride at Woburn Safari Park are set to benefit from a large expansion to their overnight home in the coming weeks.

Animal welfare is at the heart of everything that Woburn Safari Park does and so the Park regularly invests in the development of new facilities for the animals living at the Park, many of which are off-show to the public and are added purely to benefit the animals.

In 2010, a new lion house was designed and built for the pride. The new facility allowed the pride to have overnight access outside of the main house in state-of-the-art, high security, outdoor night quarters.   

And now, over the coming weeks, a further expansion will begin on the lion house, which will see another secure overnight pen, similar to the one already in place, added to their house.

As is natural of lions in the wild, lions living together do not always get on and so this redevelopment work will give keepers the option to separate the lions if necessary but it will also provide them with an additional outside space that the pride can access overnight.

In the future, it is also hoped that the new pen could be used by mothers and their new cubs in the first few months of their lives before they are introduced to the pride and allowed out into the main reserve.  

The work on the lion house is due to begin on the 2nd March and will take just a few short weeks to complete. While the work is taking place, to ensure both the safety of visitors and the lions, the pride will not be out in their main reserve. Instead, visitors will be able to see the lions in their existing side pen, which sits adjacent to the road.