Development of the penguins' plush new home begins

The Park’s Humboldt penguins have been moved into temporary accommodation while their home undergoes an extensive refurbishment and expansion.

Penguins move into temporary accommodation

The initial move went well and while the work is being completed on their home the penguins can be seen at Sea Lion Beach. During this time the sea lions have been moved into their house in Sea Lion Cove and they will also be able to utilise five outdoor pools that are off-show to the public.

All of the sea lion feeds and demonstrations will take place inside at the usual times, with a free feed and talk at 11.30am, and demonstrations running at the usual times for just £1 per person. The penguin feed and talks will also continue to take place at the normal times.

What to expect from the penguins’ new home

Natural feeding regimes and environmental enrichment have been key elements in the planning process of the penguins' new home. 

Their new pool will provide the penguins with a greater underwater experience, and as the Park remains committed to never using harmful chemicals, such as chlorine, for the health and wellbeing of the animals, an updated state-of-the-art life support system will also be installed

Taking inspiration from the current enclosure, the penguins’ new home will also mimic a natural habitat and will allow the penguins to once again dig their own burrows and raise their chicks as they would in the wild. The Park will remains one of the few collections that does not step in and assist with the artificial incubation and rearing of the penguin chicks.

But it isn’t just the penguins that will be benefiting from their plush new home. Visitors will also be able to enjoy a unique insight into the complex system of burrows through newly installed windows, which will simultaneously ensure the privacy of the breeding pairs – some of which have been partners for 20 years!

New underwater viewing windows will also provide visitors with the opportunity to see the penguins diving beneath the surface of the water during feeding times. And a bubble machine will also be installed into the new pool, giving visitors the chance to see just how playful these birds are!