An update on African lion cubs Kahari and Kojo

Woburn Safari Park welcomed cubs Kahari and Kojo in July 2019 when African lioness Zuri gave birth to the pair. 

They spent the first few weeks of their lives in a quiet and secluded den, off show from the public, inside the lion house with mother, Zuri.

Lion Cubs at Woburn Safari Park December 2019

Both cubs were confirmed to be males during their first health check and at eleven weeks old they ventured outside into their side pen for the first time.

The cubs were introduced slowly to the rest of the pride in their 32-acre home at 15 weeks old, under the protective eye of Zuri. Now though, they can be seen interacting with all of the older females

Both boys are becoming much more playful and can often be seen climbing trees, play fighting with each other and running across their large parkland reserve. However, Kahari is definitely the bolder of the two cubs, while Kojo often prefers to stay close by Zuri. 

The cubs are still currently suckling from their mother but their appetite for meat is also growing. The duo are fed alongside Zuri every other day, and can also be seen eating alongside the rest of the pride when they are fed every four days out in their large enclosure. This feeding schedule is intended to mimic the lions' natural feeding habits in the wild.

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