{VIDEO} A herd of new arrivals in the Road Safari

A new species has recently joined the Park and for the first time Woburn is home to herd of friendly alpacas! 

The alpaca herd consists of 10 individuals, with one breeding male named Amoro, three more males and six females. 

The herd will be a little shy at first, but the keepers are introducing them to new people, to build up their confidence, so they will soon be happy hand-feeding from visitors. They will move from temporary accommodation in the Road Safari paddock (on the left just after Giraffe Junction), to a new permanent home, which will be Woburn Safari Park's newest animal attraction, Alpaca Outpost. 

Opening this February half term, visitors will be able to take a ride on the Great Woburn Railway, then alight at Alpaca Outpost to meet the herd.