Taking a look at some of 2018's highlights

Woburn Safari Park has seen a lot of new faces, new enclosures and entirely new exhibits over the past 12 months. 

Here, we recap through some of the highlights from the past year, month by month. 


It was a tough start to 2018 for everyone at the Park with a devastating fire happening in the African Forest and Asian elephant calf, Tarli, struck down with a virus, similar to the Ebola virus in humans. Elephant endotheliotrophic herpes virus (EEHV) can seriously weaken the circulatory system in juvenile elephants leading to rapid deterioration.

Fortunately, by the end of the month, Tarli had beaten the odds and made a full recovery. Read more here.  

Tarli And The Herd At Wsp


Two adorable Pygmy goats, Patch and Dill, moved into their new home down in Farmyard Friends, joining Somali black headed sheep, Anglo-nubian goats, kunekune pig, Abyssinian donkeys and a Shetland pony.


A new species arrived at the Park for the first time, when male capybara James moved into his brand new enclosure within Animal Encounters - Capybara Caves

Capybara James At Wsp


Spring had most definitely sprung at Woburn Safari Park in April, with the first arrivals of the year making their adorable debuts! These included Ring-tailed lemurs Rakoto and Missy, an Addax calf, Eland calves, Barbary macaque babies and adorable joeys in the Australian Walkabout enclosure. 


The striking ‘NOT FOR SALE’ Tusk garden opened in May. This is a unique exhibit, designed to educate the public about the devastating slaughter of endangered African elephant populations, caused by the brutal ivory trade, and is located next to Elephant Meadow in the Leisure Area

Read more here


June was another exciting month for keepers at the Park, with the arrival of an adorable new addition to the Californian sea lion family - female Winnie, born on 6th June. 

Mum Kira is doing well and Winnie has been settling in with the other members of the rookery, including her big brother Gus who was born on exactly the same day back in 2017. 

Sea Lion Pup


African male lion, Joco, who joined the Park from Erfurt Zoo in Germany at the end of 2017, began the process of being slowly being integrated alongside the seven-strong female pride. So far, it's been a positive experience for everyone with Joco demonstrating his dominance within the pride and the hope for future breeding looking good.


A new male joined the meerkat mob down in Desert Springs with the arrival of eight-year-old Spence from Colchester Zoo. It's hoped that Spence joining the group will result in some adorable new babies in 2019. 


The Bactrian camels got a temporary new home back in September, when they moved into the old zebra paddock next to the admission ticket lanes while their new home is being built. Khan, Genghis, Rita and Saturday have been delighting visitors as they arrive for a day on safari. 

Camels At Wsp 3

Born to 20-year old mum, Savannah, and 15-year old dad, Casper, a baby Rothschild's giraffe joined the herd. We then invited ITV's This Morning programme to come along to the Park and help name the youngster, with the winning name of Sandy being chosen for the young calf. 


October saw a new addition to the Humboldt penguin colony at the Park, with Humboldlt penguin mum Salsa and dad Leaf welcoming their fourth chick.


James the capybara got a new friend when female Mavis joined him - with the pairing blossoming into love rather quickly and the pitter-patter of tiny feet, hopefully, just around the corner!

The annual 'baby boom' down in Monkey Business also took place, with three tiny squirrel monkey babies being born. 

Squirrel Monkeys In Monkey Business December Babies 2

Thank you from everyone at Woburn Safari Park for your support over 2018 and we look forward to welcoming you for lots more exciting adventures in 2019.