Summer baby boom at Woburn Safari Park

Come along to meet Alpaca Outpost's second alpaca baby, as well as bouncing baby wallaby joey's, a trio of fluffy penguin chicks and a troop of cute baby monkeys at the park. 

Penguins a plenty

trio of adorable, fluffy Humboldt penguins have made their first venture out of the nest since being born. 

Proud parents Leaf and Salsa hatched two chicks, while parents Cheese and Arrow gave birth to one.

Penguin Chick

Have you herd?

The latest additions has been welcomed to Alpaca Outpost, as Mum Misty gave birth to a female on Tuesday 6th August. The new arrival has been named after one of her keepers; Tasha. Just a few days earlier, chocolate-coloured Black Lace gave birth to a cria who has been named Teak.  

Pictured below is second alpaca cria, Tarquin, who was born with an unusual ‘rose grey’ colouring.

Tarquin Alpaca Cria July 2019

Monkey around with this troop

There is a troop gathering in the African Forest on the Road Safari as three baby barbary macaque monkeys have arrived, adding to the baby boy that was previously born in May. 

Listed as endangered on the IUCN Red List, Barbary macaques are social animals that tend to stay together in family groups. 

Baby Monkeys In African Forest Drive Through At Woburn Safari Park

Jump with the joey mob

The recently born wallabies, also known as joeys, can be seen hopping around the Australian Walkabout walkthrough enclosure. 

This year’s youngsters also include an albino joey, named Tim Tamborn with white fur and red eyes. 

Wallaby With Baby Joey

Albino Wallaby Joey at Woburn Safari Park