Safari spotlight: Meet African lioness Zuri

African lioness Zuri recently gave birth to two lion cubs at Woburn Safari Park. As her cubs are currently taking up the limelight, we thought we would shine the spotlight back on their mother.

One from a litter of five, Zuri was born at the park on the 1st September 2015 to mother Dakota, who she still lives alongside, and father Kasanga.

African Lion Zuri As A Cub

The youngest of the pride, before her cubs were born, Zuri is described by keepers as being very food orientated, feisty and inquisitive. She is often the first to investigate anything new in their enclosure.

She has been a very attentive mother to her two cubs, which is her first litter, and as a result her cubs are growing well, meaning that keepers are very pleased with their progress.

Zuri and her cubs are currently enjoying some private bonding time in a secluded den in the lion house, and the plan is that they will be on view to park visitors in late September.