Ostrich return to Woburn Safari Park

If you’ve visited the Park recently you might have noticed the new flock of ostrich on your way through the Road Safari.

They arrived early in March from Beatenberg Zoo in Switzerland and their arrival marked the exciting return of the species to Woburn Safari Park.

The flock is made up of four females and four males, all aged between five and eight months old, all of which have won keepers over with their charismatic personalities.  


Having initially settled into their new home on the sand yard, the ostrich now have access to the grass and can be seen by visitors travelling through the Road Safari.

Overtime, they will be slowly introduced to the other species in the Savannah Grasslands until they can be free-roaming with the other animals in the reserve which includes antelope, rhino and wildebeest.


The ostrich is the largest living bird but they can still reach a top running speed of 43mph and can cover 16ft per stride.