A new face in the flock

The year got off to a good start in Animal Encounters with the birth of Anglo Nubian twin goat kids and now a Somali black headed lamb has joined the flock at the Park.

As-yet unnamed, the young male can already be seen out and about in his new home in the Farmyard Friends walk-through, which he shares with the bouncy goat kids Frankie and Andy, and the African Pygmy Goats.

Born to mother Kim and father Michael, the lamb has a keen appetite for mum’s milk at this stage and can be seen wiggling his tail in excitement and comfort when he is feeding.

Somali Black Headed Lamb

Over the coming weeks the lamb will begin to naturally graze on the paddock and will be weaned at approximately six weeks of age.

Adults tend to weigh between 30 and 40kg, so the little lamb has a lot of growing to do.

The Somali black headed sheep is found in Somalia and South Africa and, unusually, does not grow wool but has hair instead, which helps the sheep to tolerate the heat.

As their name suggests, this species has a white body and black head, and their unusual appearance comes from the way that they store fat in their hindquarters.