A warm welcome to the new arrivals

Look out for all the new faces that have arrived recently at Woburn Safari Park, with arrivals from around the world and a baby boom within the Park.

From eland antelope calves to capybara and twin goat kids, and the welcome return of a flock of ostriches, guests can enjoy spotting exotic and endangered animals as they journey through the Road Safari, and get up-close to some of the new residents in the Foot Safari this year.  

Bongo Bowie

A warm welcome to the new residents

While you’re driving through the African Forest, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the elusive eastern mountain bongo. Despite being the largest species of African forest antelope, they are notoriously shy animals and the monkeys tend to do a good job of stealing the show in their shared enclosure. However, conservationists believe that the species could be extinct within the next ten years so the new breeding male named Bowie, who will be carefully introduced to the rest of the herd by keepers this year, marks an important arrival at the Park.

Another important arrival is that of a flock of eight ostriches. Their arrival marks the return of the species to the Park and the young, charismatic birds can already be seen in the Road Safari and will soon be out in the main resserve, alongside other species including rhino, antelope and wildebeest.

Somali Black Headed Lamb

Spring babies

As well as the new residents, the Park has welcomed a number of new babies which visitors will be able to see as they graze, feed, play and grow in the coming months. 

The year got off to a good start with the birth of adorable capybara pups in January. Born to experienced mother Mavis, she took the arrival of the pups in her stride and the new pups can now be seen grazing and swimming alongside their mother. 

February brought with it a tricky pregnancy for Anglo-nubian goat Morgan as vets were forced to step in to lend a helping hand after it was found that one of the kids was breech. However it was a happy ending and the two goat kids, Frankie and Andy, who were named in honour of the vets who saved their lives, can be seen bouncing around alongside mother Morgan and father Rocco in the walk-through Farmyard Friends enclosure.

The baby boom continued in March, when the Animal Encounters team welcomed yet another new arrival with the birth of a male Somali black headed lamb. Born to mother Kim and father Michael, the lamb has a keen appetite for mum’s milk at the moment and the adorable little male can be seen wiggling his tail in comfort whilst feeding.

Finally at the Road Safari, keepers are pleased with the progress of the Park’s latest arrivals, three eland antelope calves. All boys, the calves were born on the 1th10th and 15th March. Although small at the moment, as one of the largest species of antelope the two males could come to weigh up to 900kg once fully grown. After being carefully hidden away in the first few days following their births by their attentive mothers, the calves can now be spotted ‘pronking’ (leaping and jumping) their way across the Savannah Reserves they live within.