Lion cubs meet the pride for the first time

Last month Woburn Safari Park's adorable African lion cubs, Kahari and Kojo, left their side pen with their five year-old-mum Zuri for the first time. 

The curious pair ventured out into their new home in the main 32-acre Lion Park reserve on the Road Safari, under the protective eye of Zuri.

The then 15-week-old cubs were introduced slowly to the rest of the pride to begin with; first they met lions Abi and Tyra, who are both aunts to Zuri. A couple of days later they then met Dakota, Zuri's mum, and Tullulah.

Since their initial introduction the youngsters have been spending time integrating themselves within the eight-strong pride and have been settling in well with the other adult females.

Lucky visitors to the park can see the pair play fighting and climbing on the trees as they get acquainted with the other lions out in the reserve.