Lacquer alpaca gives birth to park's first baby at Alpaca Outpost

Delighted keepers announced the arrival of their first alpaca baby 'cria' this week at the new Alpaca Outpost enclosure. Born to a female alpaca named Lacquer, the new arrival is hoped to be the first of several babies due to arrive, with more of the herd's females pregnant and expecting to deliver soon.

First Baby Cria Alpaca Baby Apr 2019 

With a dramatic turn of events, keepers had to step in to help with the birth, as they could see the mother was struggling. The team were concerned about the position of the baby and keeper Tom Robson soon found that the cria had one leg facing backwards. 

Crias, like giraffe calves are born with both forelegs facing forward, so their front legs appear in advance of the head, as if they are diving forward.  But with one leg backwards, the shoulders become wider, making delivery far more difficult.

Keeper Tom, who coincidentally had just returned from his own paternity leave, when he lately became a first time father himself, provided some swift help and baby arrived without issue. 

The team checked baby was breathing and alert and left the male newborn cria to bond with his mother. They'll now put on their thinking caps, to come up with a suitable name for the male cria.

Tom Robson, Deputy Team Leader, Reserves said: "The team are really excited as it's the first alpaca to be born at the park, and both cria and mum are doing really well.  At the moment he looks like a cross between a giraffe and a sheep and his bright white fur makes him really stand out from the herd at Alpaca Outpost."

Visitors can meet the herd at Alpaca Outpost and feed them some tasty treats when you hop on the Great Woburn Railway at 12pm, 1pm, 2pm, 3pm, 4pm and 5pm each day.