Joco and Zuri's lion cubs are named

July saw the birth of two adorable African lion cubs to lions Joco and Zuri. 

The pair were both confirmed as males during their first health check, and both have now been named following a special competition run by the Park.

The competition saw over 1,000 entries but the two cubs have now been named... Kahari and Kojo.

African Lion Cubs At Woburn Safari Park Are Named

The carnivore keeper team drew up a shortlist from all of the entries before Their Graces, the Duke and Duchess of Bedford, picked the final two names.

The lucky winners, Laura Greenwood and John Knapman, have each won a mini VIP Experience to meet their cubs for themselves and one guest, as well as full access to the Road Safari and Foot Safari during the date of the visit.

The African lion cubs can now be seen exploring their large reserve or relaxing in their side pen on the Road Safari with mum, Zuri, close by.

(Please note. If we receive multiples of a winning name, the winner is picked at random from all the entries received)