It's a boy! Keepers welcome a newborn Ankole calf to the park

The Reserves team have welcomed the first Ankole Cattle calf in around 30 years to the Road Safari, to mother Daisy and father Norbert.

The new arrival has caused quite a stir among the other Savannah animals, with the rhino and wildebeest proving to be particularly curious of the newcomer.

A four acre section of the parkland has been sectioned off, to ensure the safety of the calf until the other Road Safari animals become adjusted to the new arrival.

Born on the 21st June the male Ankole cattle newborn is Daisy’s first calf and he has a distinctive white dot on his forehead.

The young male weighed just 20 to 25kg when he was born, a big difference to the hefty 700kgs he will reach when he is fully grown!

Ankole Calf

Daisy will be given extra food while the calf is feeding from her, right up until he is weaned at approximately four to six months. However visitors can expect to see the young male nibbling on grass and solids at around one month old.  

Ankole are gentle giants and visitors are often able to see them grooming one another. That said, with the newborn amongst them, the herd are naturally more defensive. Daisy has even been seen bluffing a charge with her horns down every now and again to protect her youngster.

With a second pregnant female in the herd, the Reserves team are hopeful that they will be welcoming in another new arrival soon.

Sonia Freeman, Reserves, Team Leader, said: “The whole team is excited about the latest arrival, as this is the first Ankole cattle calf born at Woburn Safari Park in around 30 years. It is lovely to see a youngster with the herd again and we are hoping to welcome another one soon! They are a distinctive species, with their magnificent huge horns and it’s great for visitors to be able to see them free-roaming among many other species in the African Savannah.”