Endangered red panda moves to Woburn Safari Park

Mali welcomes Sanka into her home 

The adorable one year old male red panda, named Sanka, has recently been welcomed into his new home in the Foot Safari by Mali, Woburn's current female red panda. 

Sanka has already been spotted whilst exploring his new home, Himalayan Heights, by some keen-eyed visitors. 

The new couple are slowly getting to know one another and keepers have high hopes that they could help to expand the red panda family by this time next year.

Sanka Male Red Panda

Louise Moody, Senior Keeper in Animal Encounters said: “All of the keepers are extremely excited to welcome Sanka to the Park and we are delighted at the progress that he is making.

"He’s still a bit shy in his new surroundings at the moment but he has begun exploring the outside area of his enclosure more and more in the past few days which has been great to see.”

Listed as ‘endangered’ by the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature), only around 2,500 of this beautiful species is left in the wild as their survival remains under threat, mainly because of habitat destruction due to deforestation.