Christmas comes early for the animals at the Park

Christmas is just around the corner and the countdown has well and truly begun at Woburn Safari Park. Animals from across the park have been treated to presents, decorations and festive feasts by their keepers in the run up to the big day.

African Lion Cub With Christmas Stocking At Woburn Safari Park 

Zuri And Lion Cubs With Their Own Christmas Dinner

In Kingdom of the Carnivores, Santa came early for African lioness Zuri and her cubs as they were treated with Christmas presents and a stocking filled with tasty snacks, plus their own Christmas dinner ahead of the big day.

Milashki was given a giant Christmas Cracker by keepers

Milashki Amur Tiger With Christmas Cracker

Meanwhile amur tiger Milashki was quick to claim the giant Christmas cracker that was given to her and her sister Mishka as her own. 

Asian Elephant Herd With Huge Christmas Wreath At Woburn Safari Park

Elsewhere on the Road Safari, Asian elephant Damini surprised the rest of the herd with a huge Christmas wreath. 

 Christmas At Woburn Safari Park Lemurs Kasiji And Tulum

And over in the Foot Safari, playful black and white ruffed lemurs, Kasiji and Tulum, have been enjoying some festive fun in the Land of Lemurs.

Otters And Red Lory Enjoy Their Festive Decorations At Woburn Safari Park

While the Asian short clawed otters were treated to their own Christmas tree, complete with some special fish decorations and the lories and lorikeets were given their own tasty decorations, in the form of nectar filled baubles that were hung up around Rainbow Landing for them.

Christmas Presents For The Meerkats At Woburn Safari Park (1)

And over in Desert Springs the cheeky meerkat mob couldn’t wait until Christmas to open up their presents, which were filled with tasty treats from their keepers.

Get into the spirit, with a day out with the family this Christmas and see all the wonderful animals at the Park!  Book online and get a free guidebook on arrival at the ticket lanes.