Brand new lemur walk-through opens in the Foot Safari

Following their recent move, the lemurs are settling in nicely to their newly created home in the Foot Safari, which has been specially designed by the keepers to provide the lemurs with the very best care.

Keepers provided a special welcome banquet of roses and a favourite vegetable – parsnips, fashioned into celebration cupcakes as a treat for the lemurs to enjoy.

The new and improved Land of Lemurs is far more spacious for the primates, with greater heights to explore. The immersive walk-through is also an exciting development for visitors, who will be able walk amongst the lemur residents at Woburn, for a wild close encounter.

From outside visitors will get amazing views of the lemurs up in the trees, and they’ll be able to watch them using their hands and feet to skilfully move through the treetops, demonstrating their ability to balance, grip and spring from tree-to-tree.

Lemur Montage

Visitors will now also be able to see the lemurs at rest inside their specially designed houses. Complete with UV lighting, the new house design gives keepers the option to separate the species if necessary, and to improve recall and husbandry training.

There are currently four different types of lemurs living at Woburn Safari Park – black and white ruffed, red-bellied, red fronted and ring-tailed lemurs. Lemurs are a relaxed species by nature and have settled in to their new surroundings quickly.  

Lianne Paine, Deputy Head of Section, Animal Encounters said: “The homes will provide enrichment, space and warmth for the lemurs and the special UV lighting will further benefit their physical health and wellbeing. Outside in the wider enclosure, the lemurs have more trees for climbing and a larger area for ground foraging and sunbathing, giving them more opportunity to exhibit natural behaviours as they would in the wild.”