Meet the herd at brand new Alpaca Outpost

There's a herd of friendly furry faces waiting at their new home - Alpaca Outpost - to meet visitors arriving on the Great Woburn Railway!

A 10-strong furry herd of alpacas has moved into the latest animal attraction, the Alpaca Outpost, which is accessed via a journey on the the Great Woburn Railway and officially opened to park visitors at February half term.

Led by breeding male Amoro, the herd consists of four males, six females and one recently born baby (cria)! Keepers are slowly introducing the herd, who arrived from Beale Park and Houghton Hall Alpacas, to new people and soon they’ll be happily hand-feeding from their daily visitors. 

Click here for details of how to meet the herd!

Keepers will be supervising visitors as they feed the alpaca herd, and will be on hand to guide lucky visitors on how to gently coax the alpacas to feed on a tasty choice of grains and carrots.

The herd will be a little shy at first, so guests will be asked to be calm and quiet as they are the alpacas build up their confidence, so they will soon be happy hand-feeding from visitors.