Capybara Pups born in the Foot Safari

January saw the birth of adorable capybara pups to mother, Mavis.  Mavis is a mature parent and has had litters before, so she has taken the arrival of her pups in her stride and has been quite relaxed about the whole family situation. 

Mavis has been letting keepers get close enough to check on her and the pups, but the team are keeping a respectful distance, to allow her and the pups the valuable bonding time they need in the first few days.

Capybaras are the largest living rodent species and they have webbed toes for a semi-aquatic habitat. The pups closely resemble large-eyed guinea pigs at this age, but any males in the litter might grow up to 65kg as an adult.

You can see Mavis and the pups at Capybara Caves in Animal Encounters this February half term.