An important addition to the Road Safari

The arrival of a new breeding male 

A new male eastern mountain bongo named Bowie has moved into the Park as part of the European Endangered species Programme (EEP).

Bowie has just recently turned six and in time it is hoped that he will become a breeding match for one of the Park’s current female bongos.

He arrived at the Park last month from Belgium and has since settled in very well.

He has proven to be a steady and nice-natured animal and keepers will be slowly introducing him to the rest of the herd this year.

About the eastern mountain bongo

The Eastern mountain bongo herd at Woburn Safari Park can be found in their home in the African Forest on the Road Safari, which they share with the barbary macaques.

Classed as a critically endangered species, the Eastern mountain bongo faces multiple threats, including poaching, habitat loss and habitat fragmentation.

Conservationists have estimated that the bongo could be extinct within the next ten years unless significant action is taken. As part of the EEP, Bowie will contribute to efforts intended to maintain a genetically diverse and viable captive population and will play an important role in publicising the plight of this species.