Adorable twin porcupettes born at the park

Born to mother Noko and father Chewy, the yet unnamed babies are miniature versions of their parents, born with their eyes open and developed teeth, they even have their own set of quills from birth.

However, despite being the largest species of porcupine, the babies weighed a tiny 100 grams when they were born – that’s about the same weight as an average lemon!


Find out more about the porcupettes:

The babies, which are known as porcupettes, will continue to nurse from Noko for around three to four months, but they have already begun to eat solid foods.

The crested porcupine is monogamous, usually staying with the same partner for life. Unlike many other animals, the fathers play a role in bringing up the offspring and they often remain together as a family group. Chewy is definitely proving that to be the case with his two sons, with the team reporting that he is showing himself to be a nurturing father who will often shield the babies from view when the keepers are around.

The babies are currently following mum and dad wherever they go and camera trap footage shows these largely nocturnal animals are out and about all night; utilising all of the purposely designed features of the exhibit, including shelters, forage pits and a large pool.

Twin porcupettes

Fun facts about porcupines:

  • They have special quills at their tail which make a loud hissing noise when rattled!
  • Porcupines will travel up to 15km in a night to look for food!
  • Porcupines collect large quantities of bones and hard objects to chew to wear down their teeth, sometimes thousands of bones have been found in one burrow!
  • They can run faster than a human, and are able swimmers.