Adorable new arrival joins the troop

New addition joins the troop

Keepers are thrilled to announce the birth of an adorable tiny baby squirrel monkey in the Foot Safari’s Monkey Business.

Weighing in at less than 125 grams at birth, the new arrival is thought to have been smaller in mass than the average banana. As-yet unnamed and unsexed, the three-week old was born to experienced mother Bamboo, and the park’s new breeding male Carlos. 

The Squirrel monkeys section is currently closed for redevelopment however visitors can still see the troop from the outside walkway. A new habitat is currently being built for the troop and will open in time for February 2020’s half term week.

Shared babysitting duties

Squirrel monkeys are very social animals and often other females in the large troop will take over babysitting duties and carry youngsters on their backs. Although still very small, the youngster will weigh up to 1kg once fully grown. For the first few months, babys will feed from their mother’s milk before moving on to solids such as vegetables and insects.

Animal Keeper, Charlie Stirling, said: “We were very happy to see that Bamboo had given birth to a healthy baby overnight and both are doing really well. Keepers take a hands-off approach to allow mother and baby to bond and we're hoping to sex and name the baby in the coming weeks."