A second adorable alpaca arrives at Woburn Safari Park

Keepers are absolutely delighted to announce the birth of their second alpaca baby, known as a cria, at the park.

Thankfully, following Taco’s dramatic arrival into the world earlier on in the year when keeper Tom had to step in to help mother Lacquer, eight year old alpaca Liddia gave birth to the baby boy on the 7th June without issue

Liddia moved from Houghton Hall into the Safari Park’s latest animal attraction, Alpaca Outpost, with ten others on the 20th December.

She has white fur, so keepers were surprised to see that her baby was born with an unusual ‘rose grey’ colouring, which has led them to believe his father would have had chocolate coloured fur. 

The adorable baby will be weaned at around nine to ten months old, after which he will move onto a diet of hay and concentrate, but he won’t be fully grown until he is between 12 and 14 months old.

With more of the herd's females pregnant and expecting to deliver soon, keepers are hoping to see more new arrivals join Taco and this latest addition in the coming months.

Second Alpaca Baby With Mum Liddia

Did you know?

  • Alpacas have just one soft pad on the bottom of their feet, with two toes complete with toe nails!
  • They are very vocal animals and make a series of different noises when they are happy, scared and excited.
  • Alpacas are clean animals and create a communal dung pile, away from where they graze.

Visitors can meet the herd at Alpaca Outpost and feed them some tasty treats when you hop on the Great Woburn Railway at 12pm, 1pm, 2pm, 3pm, 4pm and 5pm each day.