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Goat With Eucalyptus Tree

Keepers assist local pub with fallen tree

After high winds brought down a huge eucalyptus tree into the garden of the Old Sun at Ampthill on Saturday, keepers from Woburn Safari Park were called.

The new kids in Farmyard Friends

Late on Friday 8th February 2019, Woburn Safari Park's keepers welcomed two beautiful Anglo Nubian goat kids to mother Morgan, and father King (named for previous team members of Leicester City football club).

Mother Pup

Birth of adorable capybara pups at Woburn Safari Park

January saw the birth of adorable capybara pups to mother, Mavis.  Mavis is a mature parent and has had litters before, so she has taken the arrival of her pups in her stride and has been quite relaxed about the whole family situation.

Joco the Lion at Woburn Safari Park

An update on Joco the lion

Read all about Joco the beautiful alpha male lion, living in Kingdom of Carnivores with his pride at Woburn Safari Park. Head Keeper Craig gives a fascinating update on how he's been getting on, since his arrival at the park.

Alpaca Herd at Alpaca Outpost in the Road Safari at Woburn Safari Park

{VIDEO} A herd of new arrivals in the Road Safari

The keepers in the African Savannah reserve are delighted to welcome some new characters to the park, as a herd of friendly alpacas join the many species you can see in the Road Safari.

Giraffe Baby Website Headed

Taking a look at some of 2018's highlights

Woburn Safari Park has seen a lot of new faces, new enclosures and entirely new exhibits over the past 12 months. Here, we recap through some of the highlights from the past year, month by month.