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A warm welcome to the new arrivals

There is a whole host of new faces to see as spring arrives early at Woburn Safari Park, with arrivals from around the world and a boom of babies within the Park.

Bongo Bowie (1)

An important addition to the Road Safari

A new male eastern mountain bongo named Bowie has moved into the Park as part of the European Endangered species Programme (EEP).

Eland Babies 3

Three cute eland calves join the herd

Keepers welcomed the arrival of three male eland antelope calves in the African Savannah reserve on the Road Safari this month.

Monkeys On St Patricks Day

St Patrick's Day Barbary Macaques

The Barbary Macaques troop at Woburn Safari Park received an early visit from some mischievous visitors, who came bearing shamrock-shaped enrichment treats for them ahead of St Patrick’s Day.

New Male Lamb

A new face in the flock

The year got off to a good start in Animal Encounters with the birth of Anglo Nubian twin goat kids and now a Somali black headed lamb has joined the flock at the Park.

The Alpaca Herd at Alpaca Outpost Woburn Safari Park

Brand new Alpaca Outpost now open!

Make some furry new friends at fantastic new attraction - Alpaca Outpost. Climb on the Great Woburn Railway and see if they'll feed from your hand! 'Herd' on over for a safari adventure today.

Goat With Eucalyptus Tree

Keepers assist local pub with fallen tree

After high winds brought down a huge eucalyptus tree into the garden of the Old Sun at Ampthill on Saturday, keepers from Woburn Safari Park were called.

The new kids in Farmyard Friends

Late on Friday 8th February 2019, Woburn Safari Park's keepers welcomed two beautiful Anglo Nubian goat kids to mother Morgan, and father King (named for previous team members of Leicester City football club).

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