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Barbary Macaque With Baby

A troop of baby Barbary macaque monkeys born in African Forest

The first baby barbary macaque monkey arrived in the African Forest on the Road Safari on the 9th May, with three more following in early June.

Canadian Timber Wolf Parker at Woburn Safari Park

A sad goodbye to Parker

It is with great sadness that the keeper team announce the death of much-loved male Canadian Timber Wolf, Parker, at Woburn Safari Park.

Barbary Macaque Holding Baby

Summer baby boom is taking place at Woburn Safari Park

As summer has arrived, so have lots of new faces at the park including two adorable alpaca babies, fluffy penguin chicks and cute monkeys!

Lemur Crate Training At Land Of Lemurs

Lemurs moving house

Watch the lemurs as they practice moving house! They have been training with keepers and climbing into transport crates to help the moving process go smoothly. It's the perfect time to visit and get a first look at some of the four species settling into their brand new walk-through enclosure.

Pieminister Counter In The Lookout Cafe at Woburn Safari Park

Award winning Pieminister moves into the Lookout Cafe

A brand new taste to fuel your safari adventure has arrived. Head over to the Lookout Cafe in the heart of the Foot Safari and order your Pieminister pie and mash... now serving daily from 11.30-5pm!

Wallaby With Baby Joey

A mob of newborn joeys can be spotted in Australian Walkabout

This year’s baby wallabies, known as joeys, can now be spotted in their walk through enclosure, Australian Walkabout.

Penguin Chick

Fluffy penguin chicks leave the nest for the first time

A trio of adorable, fluffy Humboldt penguins have made their first brave ventures out of their nests at the park.

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