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Lioness Enrichment

Tyra the lioness enjoys enrichment activity

Tyra, one of Woburn Safari Park’s lionesses, had great fun when keepers placed a hessian sack into the lions enclosure as part of an enrichment activity.


Ostrich return to Woburn Safari Park

The arrival of a new flock of ostrich has marked the return of the species to Woburn Safari Park.

First Baby Cria born at Alpaca Outpost April 2019

Woburn Safari Park’s first baby alpaca is named

Delighted keepers have announced the arrival of their first ‘cria’ – a baby alpaca at Woburn Safari Park.

Sanka the Male Red Panda in Himalayan Heights at Woburn Safari Park

Endangered red panda moves to Woburn Safari Park

Adorable one year old male red panda Sanka has recently been welcomed into his new home in the Foot Safari by Mali, Woburn's current female red panda.

First Baby Cria born at Alpaca Outpost April 2019

Lacquer alpaca gives birth to park's first baby

A gorgeous fluffy new arrival joins the herd at Alpaca Outpost this week! Keepers had to step in and help Lacquer the alpaca with her difficult birth and have welcomed the first adorable baby 'cria'.


A warm welcome to the new arrivals

There is a whole host of new faces to see as spring arrives early at Woburn Safari Park, with arrivals from around the world and a boom of babies within the Park.

Bongo Bowie (1)

An important addition to the Road Safari

A new male eastern mountain bongo named Bowie has moved into the Park as part of the European Endangered species Programme (EEP).