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African Lioness Zuri at Woburn Safari Park

Safari spotlight: Meet African lioness Zuri

African lioness Zuri recently gave birth to two lion cubs at Woburn Safari Park. As her cubs are currently taking up the limelight, we thought we would shine the spotlight back on their mother.

Oryx Running

More beautiful baby animals born at Woburn Safari Park

The summer baby boom has continued at Woburn Safari Park, with new arrivals popping up all across the safari.

African Lion Cubs Born At Woburn Safari Park Get Their First Teeth

African lion cubs get their first teeth

The two African lion cubs born to Joco and Zuri in July have started to get their first teeth and have had their first taste of meat.

Otter Pups At Woburn Safari Park

Otterly Adorable! New otter pups arrive in Foot Safari

Asian short clawed otters, Kelani and Kovo, have welcomed another successful litter of ‘otterly’ adorable pups.

Three Week Old African Lion Cubs At Woburn Safari Park

Roar-some news! Two African lion cubs born

The carnivores team is delighted to announce the birth of two African lion cubs at the park. Born to parents Zuri and Joco last month, the pair are now three weeks old.

Red Bellied Lemurs Woburn Safari Park August 2017 3

Brand new lemur walk-through opens in the Foot Safari

The park's adorable lemurs have officially leapt into their brand new enclosure in the Foot Safari at the park. Walk amongst them this summer as part of your big summer holiday adventure on safari.

Three Oryx Calves

Three rare Scimitar Horned Oryx calves born

Three rare Scimitar Horned Oryx calves have been born at Woburn Safari Park. Mothers Eileen and Julie each had one boy, while Jody gave birth to a female calf.

Mishka the Amur Tiger at Woburn Safari Park

Tiger charity weekend a roaring success

On 27th and 28th July, carnivore keepers at the Park held their annual tiger charity event to raise money for the WildCats Conservation Alliance.