What's New on Safari this summer?

Meet some of the newest safari stars at Woburn Safari Park and get closer than ever to some amazing wildlife

Sea lion pup

Californian sea lion Kira recently gave birth to a healthy female pup named Winnie - exactly one year to the day since she welcomed her first pup, Gus. 

The youngster can be seen enjoying a dip in Sea Lion Beach or relaxing on the rocks alongside the other members of the rookery and her mischievous big brother, Gus.  

Meet the all the new babies 

It's the start of what looks to be a bumper crop of new babies at the park!  

As you enter the Savannah Grasslands in the African Reserve road safari, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the large crèche of Eland antelope calves, born earlier this summer. 

The African Forest is alive with the patter of little monkey feet, as we welcome six monkey babies to the troops. Keepers are still in the process of naming all of the new arrivals, however to follow tradition, all of the babies born this year will be given names starting with the letter 'S'.

There's also the adorable Somali black headed lamb who can be seen within Animal Encounters in the Farmyard Friends enclosure. 

Visitor favourites

Aside from all the new arrivals, visitors this summer can also enjoy daily meet and greets with the Asian elephants (you may even get close enough to touch!), as well as a host of fascinating animal talks and demonstrations that take place throughout the day. 

Don't forget to also pop by and say hello to James the capybara, who moved into the Park at the start of the year.