Tiny ring-tailed baby lemur born to proud mum Kirindy

Animal keepers are thrilled to announce that a tiny new baby ring-tailed lemur has arrived in the Foot Safari’s walk-through Land of the Lemurs enclosure.

Born to 10 year-old mother Kirindy and 7 year-old father Berenti just a couple of weeks before Easter, the as-yet unnamed and un-sexed arrival is so small that it weighs an estimated 30 grams, roughly the equivalent of a golf ball. 

Animal Keeper, Louise Moody, said: “The new lemur baby is still very young and our advice to visitors is to keep an eye out for her mum as she is very proud and just loves to show the little one off to passers-by! Kirindy has had babies before so she is quite relaxed around us. However, we are keeping a hands-off approach for the time being to give them time to relax and bond.”

Lemur Baby At Wsp

Things you didn’t know about ring-tailed lemurs:

  • Proving that girl power is not just for the human race, it is normally a female lemur who presides over a ring-tailed troop!
  • One of the most endangered primates in the world, this lemur species is under threat in the wild because of habitat loss and capture by humans for the meat trade.
  • They have rather powerful and odorous scent glands which they use to send each other messages and assert their dominance over particular territories.

Ring-tailed lemurs are very sociable species, so the whole troop is expected to play a role in raising the new baby. Kirindy is a dominant female, so the small arrival is likely to find herself high-up in the social hierarchy as she grows up with her red-bellied, black and white ruffed and red-fronted lemur friends in the wooded Land of the Lemurs enclosure.