This year's new troop members get their names

The recent Barbary macaque babies born back in May have now been given names by their keepers - all starting with the letter S!

The four males and two females have been settling in well within their new home in the African Forest and are starting to venture away from their mother's and interact with other members of the troop. 

The babies are:

Male Spock, born to mum Mwanja. 
Female Safiq, born to mum Jamelia. 
Male Sadiki, born to mum Gara.
Male Sebastian, born to mum Jade. 
Female Sakari, born to mum Mazowe. 
Male Sid, born to mum Sadie. 

Baby Barbary

Barbary macaques remain close within their family groups and all six youngsters will stay at the Park. The babies are being taken care of by their relatives including the males of the troop with keepers taking a hands off approach to mirror what the animals would experience out in the wild.

Visitors will be able to see the babies begin to forage, as well as start their climbing experience - although they won't get too high until they're a little bigger!