The camels next door...

If you've visited recently, you may have noticed eight new 'humps' are now residing in the paddock next to the ticket lanes!

The humps belong to four Bactrian camels - Khan, Genghis, Rita and Saturday - and visitors can enjoy watching this 'awesome foursome' up close as they drive through the safari park gates. 

Camels At Wsp 1

The move is only a temporary one as the camels get a brand new home built for them in their previous paddock, which can be seen on the drive down to the ticket lanes. But for now, visitors are enjoying seeing these desert dwellers exploring their new home.

Sonia Freeman, Head of Reserves, said: "The Bactrian camels moved really well to their temporary paddock and we're pleased with how the four of them are settling in to their new surroundings. 

Camels At Wsp 3

"It's also really nice to be able to give visitors the opportunity to see these animals up close as there's always the chance that they could have been missed as cars drive down to the entrance."

In 2017, Khan joined the herd as a breeding male and it's hoped his arrival will soon result in some tiny little humps to add to the group.