Taking a look at some of 2017's highlights

Woburn Safari Park has seen a lot of new faces, new enclosures and entirely new exhibits over the past 12 months. 

Here, we recap through some of the highlights from the past year, month by month. 


2017 started off with a brand new species being welcomed to the Park for the first time, when bush dog pair Vinnie and Genevieve (Viv) moved into their new home in Animal Encounters - Cachorro Range

Bush Dog at Cachorro Range Woburn Safari Park


A large 'stud' came to the Park looking for love on Valentine's Day - Otto, the Southern white rhino! He joined females Mirijam, Mkuzi and Mtubatuba, along with fellow male Kai. 


The first of the spring babies started to arrive in March with adorable Sika deer offspring being spotted out in the African Reserve. There was also Anglo-nubien goat Rocco born, who was hand-reared by keepers after being rejected by his mother. He joined the other goats, donkeys and sheep in new enclosure - Farmyard Friends.

Goat Picture

Agouti also joined the marmosets down in Marmotopia in the Foot Safari. 


The three North American black bears went on safari in spring, entertaining visitors to Kingdom of the Carnivores with their playful personalities and adorable faces!

The youngsters - Alabama, Kaska and Sekani - are definitely keeping their mother, Dakota, on her toes and can be seen alongside the wolves on the Road Safari. 

It was also a very special visit for the Dennis family in April, when they unknowingly became the 20 millionth visitors to the Park! The family were treated to a day off-road in the Park, as well as a delicious afternoon tea on the veranda of The Safari Lodge. 

20 Millionth Visitor and Tala Tiger Mascot to Woburn Safari Park April 2017


The Rothschild's giraffe herd grew when female Freya gave birth to a bouncing baby boy, named Ruedi, in May. 

The birth was especially exciting for the keepers due to the rapid decline of this endangered species in the wild.


June was another exciting month for keepers at the Park, when Californian sea lion Kira gave birth to male pup Gus. The birth marked the third generation of sea lions at the Park, and brought the total of the rookery (collective noun for sea lions) to six. 

Sea Lion Pup At WSP June 2017


A pair of 'celebrities' joined Farmyard Friends in the summer when Somali sheep JLo and JayZ were born! Keepers gave the species celebrity names when they arrived at the Park and two of the adult females gave birth soon after their arrival. 

There were also two new faces in the Rothschild's giraffe herd as babies arrived within 32 hours of one another! The calves were named Robin and Ronnie.  

Mac, the Grevy's zebra, was welcomed into the herd at Giraffe Junction when he joined from Chester Zoo to hopefully breed with the females living at the Park. 

Finally, there was a very cute arrival in Animal Encounters and a very exciting one, as red panda Mali moved into her new home - Himalayan Heights! 

Red Panda 3


Mali, the red panda, wasn't by herself for too long and was swiftly joined by fellow female Mambo

August also saw the keepers hold their second annual charity week in aid of conservation charity TUSK. The week was a great success and saw over £2,500 raised for this very important cause.  


Two new humps moved in when male Bactrian camel Khan joined from Blackpool Zoo. Khan was the first camel to move to the Park in over 15 years and joined females Rita and Saturday, alongside males Zeeg and Gengis. 


More babies made their debuts in October with a small baby-boom in the African Forest. Three Barbary macaques were also born!

Msasa And Her Baby Rafiki

Otter pups Kelani and Kovu welcomed their second successful litter of pups with four new faces joining the 'romp'. 


As the new Asian short clawed otter babies settled in, it was time for one of last year's babies to move on to start a family of her own. Female Kumari moved out of Otter Falls to join Sherpreth Wildlife Park in Cambridgeshire. 

Thank you from everyone at Woburn Safari Park for your support over 2017 and we look forward to welcoming you for lots more exciting adventures in 2018.