Keepers name new red panda star after Miranda Hart

A bushy tailed red panda has arrived at Woburn Safari Park and has been named after the nation’s much-loved comedienne Miranda Hart, who stars alongside the fluffy diva on an amusing radio campaign on Heart FM.

Originally from a zoo in Norfolk, one year-old Miranda joins gal pals Mambo and Mali in an all-girl group and has already claimed centre stage as the alpha female. The lovable safari stars are having such fun in their bespoke and newly designed house, whilst also enjoying radio spotlights across the region thanks to Miranda Hart, who jokes about joining their ‘gang’!

Mambo and Mali debuted at Woburn last summer, as the park announced the arrival of the red panda species, adding to the 80+ species of wild residents living at the Bedford estate.

Red Panda 1

Laura Ashton, Deputy Head of Section said:“We are big fans of Miranda Hart, so when we heard that she was starring in the park’s new radio campaign, we had to name our new red panda after her. The new arrival is a fantastic new addition for Woburn, and although she’s only been with us for a short time she has already stolen our hearts. She is the feistiest of the three and can be easily identified by her beautiful, very fiery, ginger fur.”

Red pandas are real showstoppers, with their thick red fluffy fur, designed to keep them warm in the heights of the Himalayan Mountains, white and red striped faces and gorgeous brown eyes. This species is classified as ‘endangered’ by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, as there are now believed to be only around 10,000 left in the wild. 

Visitors will find the talented trio at ‘Himalayan Heights’, an impressive house complete with all the mod cons that a safari star might expect, including a scenic outdoor play area, waterfall, air conditioning, bamboo garden, climbing frame and nest boxes. 

A viewing window and overhead tunnel also offers visitors a front row seat to the three M’s many unusual but adorable antics. These include munching on their bamboo leaves, using their paws with thumb-like extended wrist-bones, for climbing to great heights with ease, and making subtle noises including squeals, twitters, huffs, hisses, grunts and even quacks!